Monki Yoga´s Yogastyles



In our aerial yoga classes we combine classical Yoga postures with the help of the silk.

Depending on the focus, classes are offering regenerative or artistique sequences.

Aerial Yoga helps us to "overwind" the gravity, so that also Yoga beginners feel the quick results.

For example we can get easily access to inversions, that are sometimes for beginners pretty difficult.


Requirements for Participation

  • If your are suffering from one of the following deseases, the participation is not possible:
    High Blood Pressure, Glaukoma, Overweight or injuries of your spine.
  • Please wear shirts that cover your armpits and kneepits
  • No zippers, Buttons ....etc.
  • short manicured fingernails and toes
  • Please bring a small towel and a fresh T-Shirt
  • No Make Up/Powder/Mascara



Aerial Yoga First Steps

Make your first step and learn how to fly!

Sat, November 15, 2014 13:00 - 14:30 Uhr

Sat, December 13 2014 13:00 - 14:30 Uhr

Aerial Yoga, Anti Gravity Yoga, Yoga im Tuch, Flying Yoga,


For all Aerial Yoga Classes you need to subscribe online. You can subscribe on our german page



Anfängerglück! our format for absolute beginners.

You have never done a Yoga Class before, but you wanna try? You don´t feel very comfy between all these "profis"?

Anfängerglück could be the right thing to do for you:


We have developed an intelligent program where you explore your power but also stillness and relaxation.


Choose between our compact workshop (2,5 hrs) or our 7-week long course.


In our Course we are teaching you every week another Focus. Within our 7-Week-long course you learn all the basic postures in a group that is not too big. We always have time for individual questions.

Learn all about

  • Basic postures
  • Usage of props like blocks, belts, blankets to make postures easier....
  • Meditation - why and how?
  • Breath
  • Strengthen your body and relax :-)


You can subscribe to the courses and workshops on our german section



monkiflow is our special Vinyasa Yoga Mix.


In Vinyasa Yoga we combine our movements with our breath.

It´s a meditation in movement.

Come join us and figure out the difference!





Come join us for this real "juicy" yoga class. We offer you a huge "buffet" of possibilities where you can choose what fits best to your level and daily constituition.

We seal our yogapractise with a theme that accompanies us throughout the class.

Heat up your body and let your soul be touched.

And when we end up in Savasana, you WILL know why this class is called "juicy and sweet". 



You are seeking for a soft yogastyle - the ideal class for relaxation?

We are holding the asanas for a longer time, using props like blankets, cushons, reach a deeper opening not only of your muscles, but also of your fascial tissues.

We are using a minimum of muscle power and a maximum of gravity to allow our bodies to go deeper and deeper.

In this class we also offer exercises for our typical "pain regions" like neck, shoulders and back.


Yoga Sanft und Sicher is the right class for everyone who wants

• to balance the body from a challenging vinyasa Yoga practice

• a real calm Yogaclass

• a restorative Yogaclass


Yin Yoga, Restorative  Yoga, Soft Yoga, Beginners